"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

Buckminster Fuller, philosopher, futurist and global thinker (1895 - 1983)

"Then I say the Earth belongs to each generation during its course, fully and in its right no generation can contract debts greater than may be paid during the course of its existence"

Thomas Jefferson, September 6, 1789

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

The Report of the U.N. Brundtland Commission, Our Common Future, 1987

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Getting there

Important: Sarajevo airport will be opened from 1 June 2020. 


By plane:

Sarajevo International Airport is located only 12 kilometers from the centre of Sarajevo. It serves as a connection to many European cities and to the rest of the world through major international airline hubs, such as Istanbul, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Zurich.... The airports in Tuzla and Mostar, both of which are about a two-hour drive from Sarajevo, handle flights made by low-cost airlines. More info on reaching the conference venue from the airport can is available on our Getting around page. 

Link Airport:

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By bus:

Sarajevo is connected to many European cities by direct bus lines. The Centrotrans Eurolines bus company ( connects Sarajevo with Austria, Belgium, Montenegro, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, and Serbia. Other companies, like Biss Tours and Globtour, also offer direct bus lines from many European cities to Sarajevo.

Link Bus station:


By train:

Rail travel in Bosnia and Herzegovina is neither sufficiently modernized nor popular but is a suitable and safe way to travel for low-budget travelers. Sarajevo is directly connected to the Croatian capital, Zagreb, and, from there, with the rest of Europe. A one-way ticket from Sarajevo to Zagreb costs around 60 KM and a return ticket costs around 95 KM. 


By car:

Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the process of developing a highway system in order to make road travel more efficient, but one would be well advised to drive carefully on regional roads. Speed limits are set at the following: 50-60 kph within city limits, 80kph on open roads and 120 kph on highways. 


Benchmarking the performance of cities across energy, water and environment systems
related metrics presents an opportunity to trigger policy learning, action, and cooperation to bring cities closer to sustainable development.